Transforming through disruption

At the eTECHnxt pavilion, brain storming sessions on emerging technologies are simultaneously being conducted with the technology show at ELECRAMA 2018.

Climatic, economic and social changes are making scientists and technologists worldwide take a hard look at traditional methods of power generation, transmission and distribution systems. Small tweakings are no more the order of the day. There’s a need to adopt emerging technologies. Moving towards a sustainable future needs combating the ever-growing challenges of global warming, pollution, ozone depletion, and all this calls for adoption of emerging technologies.

Considering the above factors, India has taken up several bold targets to reduce carbon footprints through every possible means including adoption of renewable energy, thus transitioning to e-transportation and so on. However, to attain all these targets successfully, India immediately needs to adopt some of the emerging technologies. This will, in many cases, reshape the existing landscape of the present energy ecosystem.

What can be learnt

ELECRAMA 2018 is hosting a number of sessions under eTECHnxt to disseminate the new technologies, their application potentials and (in some cases) the results obtained so far. Yesterday, four such sessions were conducted on Digital Transformation of Power Delivery, IoT, AI & Electricity, E- transportation and Energy Storage Systems. In terms of IoT, AI & Electricity, the future of the power ecosystem will include more electri cation, (Centralized & Distributed) and more digitization.

Eminent eld personalities like Prof Dr Michael Weinhold, CTO Energy Management, Siemens; Ahmad Khan, Head, Power Gen Automation, ABB India; Dr Shashi Buluswar, CEO, Institute for Transformative Technologies, India; and Dr Hakan Sundelin, Senior Researcher, Rise Viktoria, Sweden, delivered their presentations in eTECHnxt sessions yesterday.

The sessions will continue till March 14 at eTECHnxt pavilion in Hall 6.

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