WebNMS IoT - Zoho

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WebNMS (IoT division of Zoho Corp), offers world class IoT Platform and solutions targeted at the medium and large enterprises. WebNMS IoT, the flagship product from WebNMS is engineered with capabilities that cater a wide portfolio of applications. Energy Management, remote site monitoring and asset tracking are the key capabilities around which the platform and the solutions are fashioned.

The brand is a pioneer in having several enterprise capabilities embedded into a single, unified platform. With a rich set of APIs and powerful development tools, WebNMS IoT framework is the only compatible framework that connects to any type of devices (sensors, hardware and equipment). WebNMS IoT platform has the potential to positively transform every sector of business such as Retail, SCM and Logistics, EandU, Oil and gas, Water and wastewater management, Banks, Healthcare, Electronics, Automotive, Consumer products etc. and build smart cities, smart agriculture, smart building and what not. The basic focus is on Enterprise/B2B apps and our platform offers extensive customization capabilities for building number of interesting use cases.


Sridhar Vembu