Twin Engineers Pvt. Ltd

Hall No. : Hall 1     Stall No. : H1F21

Twin Engineers is a pioneer in dispensing automation in India and offers specialist technology for electrical casting, potting and encapsulation applications.

Customers from diverse industries which include automotive, electrical, electronics, filters, PU components rely on Twin’s versatile technology for their applications.

Twin has a range of machines, as per your requirement, to automate only a specific part in the casting process, upgrade the process step-wise or automate the plant all at once. Twin’s proven machines cater to following processes:
Atmospheric Casting and Potting
Automatic Pressure Gelation (APG)
Under Vacuum Potting and Casting

Applications Served include
CT/PT Transformers
Toriodal Transformers
Insulators, Bushings
Dry Type Transformers (DTTs)
Auto Electronics (ECUs, Relay, CDI/Flasher, Ignition Coils)
LED Drivers
Motors, Electrical Coils (EMCs, Solonoid Coils)


Pradeep Bhalwankar

Pradeep has played a key role in pioneering the meter mix and dispensing technology in Indian market. With more than three decades of leadership experience in developing process automation solutions for diverse industries, Pradeep is the go to person for several companies in choosing their automation technology. He leads the strategy and product development initiatives at Twin.