Taipit-IP, LLC

Hall No. : Hall 3A     Stall No. : H3aB11

Taipit – Smart Meters is a modern and fast growing company, which has worked since 2007 and is renowned far beyond the Northwestern region. Electricity meters designed and manufactured in St. Petersburg are widely used in Russia as well as in the CIS countries.

Currently, Taipit – Smart Meters is a leader in the Russian market of metering equipment and is constantly enhancing its positions.

Experts from Taipit – Smart Meters give their solid attention to the technological developments: the Company regularly participates in Russian and foreign professional expos and conferences interacts with partners from different countries to realize one of its principal policies — design quality, modern and in-demand products at affordable prices.

Permanent expansion of the range of products and their functionalities with regard to requirements of the Russian market and compliance to all government standards have become the Company’s hallmark.

– Production of NEVA electricity meters.
– Production of metrology equipment for all types of electricity metering devices NEVA-Test.
– Design and production of Automated Information and Metering System for Revenue Metering of Energy Resources
(AIMS RMER) using the meters by Taipit.

All metering equipment by Taipit is manufactured in St. Petersburg at the Company’s factory with an area of over 2000 sq. m. Due to its leading positions and significant production volumes, the Company carries great responsibility. Thus, observation of the production technology is fully controlled at all production stages from selection of components to finished products. The company’s devices are based on the best design solutions, using modern equipment and state-of-the-art techniques. The company focuses on the European experience in instrument making, adopting technologies and standards. Each device runs a multiple inspection to control the full compliance with all production technologies. For production of the devices, new high-tech materials are used to enhance product quality and reduce the cost. Therefore, the company pays close attention to the quality of components and materials and has its own production workshop for injection molding of the device housings using injection molding machines.

Metering equipment by Taipit is sold over Russia and the CIS countries through a distribution network with over 1000 organizations. Among the partners, there are large electricity companies as well as wholesale and retail chains.

The Company’s employees work individually with each client and assist in resolving of any issue – from production to delivery of the required metering equipment. With a modern warehouse complex, constant accounting for stock and shipments of products is ensured while delivery of goods to any location across Russia or the CIS countries is guaranteed through collaboration with the best carriers.

Due to the established quality control and concerted efforts of all branches, products by Taipit are highly demanded and the Company’s market share in a segment of metering equipment is steadily increasing.