Hall No. : Hall 2     Stall No. : H2E8

Field Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance Services :

1. Testing / Calibration, Programming of Relays of all Types and Makes like SIEMENS, Schneider, Alstom, ABB, GE Multilin, Beckwith, NARI, SEL, VAMP, etc.
2. Testing, Servicing/Overhauling of HT and LT Circuit Breakers of all Types and Makes like SIEMENS, ABB, AREVA, CGL, Jyoti, Kirloskar, Eaton, etc.
3. Retrofitting of Relays and Circuit Breakers
4. Capacitance and Tan δ Testing of various Equipments
5. Testing of Earth Resistance, Earth Pit Resistance, Earth Grid Resistance
6. Motor Condition Monitoring by MCSA (Motor Current Signature Analysis)
7. Transformer Online Condition Monitoring (Current Signature Analysis)
8. Switchyard Equipment Condition Monitoring (Tangent Delta Testing, Leakage Current Measurement, etc.)
9. HV Testing of Cables
10. Hiring of Manpower and Testing Equipments like Omicron CMC 356, Megger Tan Delta, ISA T1000 , Circuit Breaker Analyser Hisac Ultima, VIDAR, etc.
11. Repairing of Relays and Circuit Breakers of all Types and Makes
12. Operation and Maintenance Contracts
13. Annual Maintenance Contracts / Annual Testing and Servicing Contracts
14. 24 x 7 Trouble-shooting Support

Design and Consulting Engineering Services :
1. Power System Analysis and Relay Co-ordination Studies
2. Power Factor Improvement Studies
3. Harmonics Analysis and Mitigation Techniques including Power Quality Measurements
4. Verification of Protective Relaying Schemes
5. Arc Flash Analysis and Studies

Trainings :
1. On-site Training on Power System Protection and Maintenance Practices

Supply and Installations :
1. Supply of Relays, Circuit Breakers
2. Supply of Spares