Saan Boards Pvt ltd

Hall No. : Hall 2     Stall No. : H2H24

We are manufacturing Precompressed Press Board for high voltage transformers at Jaipur India .
We are manufacturing Precompressed Press Board i sheet sheet form in various thickness from 0.8 mm to 6.0 mm solid and above laminated .
Our press board length is in machine direction which give our board extra strength .
We produces high density precompressed press board which the size of 2200 x 1160 mm .


Abdul Hakim Kagzi

Mr. Abdul Hakim Kagzi is chairman cum managing director of Saan Boards Pvt.Ltd.,
He has more than 25 years of experience in paper industry .
With the help of dedicated and talented team member Saan Boards Pvt.Ltd. is achieving new heights in Insulation Precompressed Press Board industry .
Mr. Hakim joined his family business ( Hand Made Paper ) in very young age with his father and got best of management exposure in all disciplines of business Management .