Process Technique Electronic (P) Ltd

Hall No. : Hall 1     Stall No. : H1K18

Process Technique Electronic (P) Ltd (PTL) has built up over 3 and a half decade’s specialized experience in the field of electrical energy management and protection technologies. Set up in 1981, PTL was one of the first Companies approved by the Govt. of India (DoE) to manufacture a wide range of electronic PF regulator systems. These installations are in operation in varied applications like, petro chemicals, automobile plants, wind generation mills, commercial buildings, cement plants, iron and steel mills and software development centres.

PTL has gained enormous expertise in providing accurate and reliable solutions in intelligent automatic PF control and energy management. Process Technique has high quality technically trained and well experienced staff, for its production facility, technology support and integrated quality control systems. The Company has a nation-wide acceptance and presence today with various Original Equipment manufacturers, electrical integration Companies and other sales network across India.

Continuously newer solutions and products are being introduced for power protection and measurement applications. Some of these technologies cover, real-time power factor control, surge protection devices, meters and loggers, using advanced technology, to equip users with the latest in technology and reliable answer to their growing needs in power quality and energy management. The facility of Process Technique is ISO 9001 certified and follows highest quality and traceability standards for delivering unmatched technology products with reliability and certified performance.


Shivashankar NAGARAJAN