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Neoflex Industries LLP is a leading manufacturer of multi-layer flexible composite materials, especially Nomex Paper Laminates as well as Solar Backsheets.

We are “DuPont Nomex Authorized Laminator” and “DuPont Verified Tedlar Laminator” in India.

Our product range includes below items :

1. Electrical Insulation Laminates, for Temp Class B, F, H and C
– DuPont Nomex Paper based Laminates (NPN Class F, NHN Class H)
– DuPont Nomex NPN Uncalendered for Phase Insulation
– DuPont Nomex Paper T410/T411 (rolls as well as slitted tapes)
– Milky Polyester film, UL approved (rolls as well as slitted tapes)
– Polyimide film, UL approved (rolls as well as slitted tapes)
– Fleece Polyester Fleece (FPF) Laminates Class B
– Electrical Grade Pressphan Paper and Kraft Paper

2. Solar Backsheets
– High Performance Tedlar Backsheets for solar modules

Contact Details :
Mr. Vibhor Bansal
Neoflex Industries LLP
New Delhi, India
Mobile 919810069232
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