Hall No. : Hall 8     Stall No. : H8A14

The production is done in our own factory where the quality control of all segments of manufacturing process comes first: from raw material purchasing to processing and assembly of the final product, as well as its appropriate packing.

In accordance with market demands, We do regular consultations with specialists in the field of electric power, technology and thus constantly looks out for new technological solutions for products whose quality is guaranteed in all weather conditions and whose precise design provides easy installation and long and reliable usage.
Main products We manufacture are Insulating Piercing connector, Dead end clamp, Stainless Steel Strap and Buckle,Suspesnion Clamp,Service Clamp, as per NFC Standard, LT Line Spacer as per REC Standard, Distribution Box, Bimettalic Clamp and So on. Besides We can design and produce new products according to client requirements