Khaitan Winding Wire Pvt. Ltd.

Hall No. : Hall 2     Stall No. : H2M21

Khaitan Winding Wire Pvt. Ltd. (KWW) was setup in the year 1995 for manufacturing of Enamelled Winding Wire made of Copper. The other products include enamelled round copper wire, rectangular enamelled copper strips, paper insulated copper strips, bare copper wire, copper tapes, copper flats, bunched copper wire and more.

KWW is one of the leading manufacturer of winding wire in India and uses the best available Skilled manpower and foreign technology to ensure best quality of end product.

The company has installed ‘state of art’ machineries and equipments imported from different countries and servicing the Indian industries for over past 17 years with emphasis on quality, reliability and customer satisfaction with main focus on its reputation.

Khaitan Electronics, being one of the major players in the lighting industry, introduces complete range of LED lights and fittings under its brand KWW. While catering to the requirement for illumination of the premium segment, the company wants to touch the life of every citizen of the country. Thus, it offers the complete range of LED solution to the residential, commercial as well as industrial entities.


Mr. Ajit Kumar Khaitan