Jiangsu SHEMAR Electric Co., Ltd.

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Jiangsu Shemar Electric Co. Ltd, founded in 1996, is a national high-tech enterprise, and the member unit of Cigre, IEEE and Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering (CSEE), which has a key laboratory of composite material on electric insulation (National Energy Insulation) and a national postdoctoral work station. Shemar also has successively participated in formulating 1 IEEE standard, 5 national standards and 4 industry standards, which also owns 391 patents, including 174 invention patents and 15 international patents. Moreover, Shemar won the special award of national scientific and technological progress twice in 2012 and 2017.

We have thousands of customers around the world and we’re in a long-term cooperation with ABB, SIEMENS and GE. It is worth mentioning that Shemar was awarded as “Global Supplier” and “Outstanding Supplier” in 2017. And Shemar is the only Chinese supplier receiving the“Global Supplier”award.

In 1996, Shemar developed NBR rubber seals, which effectively solving the oil leakage issues of substation equipment. Now our rubber products have evolved from a single rubber specializing in transformers to 8 rubbers covering all power transmission and transformation equipment.

In 1999, Composite substation insulator was invented. It is maintenance-free in the whole life cycle and can meet the requirement for operating in the severest natural environment in the world. It is leading in global market share by its excellent performance and high cost-effectiveness.

In 2009, Shemar invented Composite Gas Insulated Bushing, which covers all voltage levels. It can bring great convenience and is more economical because of assembly-free. What’s more, it can prevent accidents such as flashover, explosion and fracture in effect.

Besides the products above, we also make composite long rod insulators, composite integrated OIP transformer bushings, composite cross-arms, distribution line composite cross-arms, anti-flashover solutions and high-voltage switch insulating pull rods, which can make great contribution to the power industry.

Shemar is always focusing on existing and sustainable development problems, providing solutions through technical innovation, in order to improve industry progress. And if you want know us more, please visit us at HALL3 C31.