IndelecSA India Private Limited

Hall No. : Hall 1     Stall No. : H1P28

Manufacturers and suppliers of one of India’s most trusted Lightning protection brand, the Prevectron and complete range of Earthing/grounding solutions. Over the years we have catered to a large number if Lightning protection installations in India and the world around, efficiently keeping them protected from the adverse effects of lightning strikes.

Our RandD team, committed to innovate and develop new technology to improve the quality of Lightning Protection Systems has come up with a world class product, The PREVECTRON 3®, designed based on the patented OptiMax® Technology for Optimum Lightning Protection. Being the first ever ESE system to be UL listed, Test reports suggest Prevectron 3® is the best “Controlled Early Steamer Emission Air Terminal” available in the market right now. IIPL with its vast experience in the field of earthing has developed a full range of Earthing/grounding solutions including maintenance free earthing solutions.