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Swadeshi Cables is a global distributor of electrical wire and cable with more than 30 years of combined experience and serving all 29 states and 7 union territory. It is known for its unique product range whether it’s a regular cable or a custom-made variant, Swadeshi cables can offer the exact cables as per customers need and great value for money. We have the extensive cable knowledge and experience to provide a specification review service, which is relied upon by many of the top engineering and construction firms worldwide.

With our corporate offices and main distribution warehouse in Delhi, we are in the heart of the country. Swadeshi cables has a strong work force which includes technocrats, design engineers who follow stringent quality methods and encouraged by the market response for quality products. Our manufacturing plant is well equipped with latest and innovative machinery to test cables as per BIS, IEC as well as any other international standard and it has been constantly upgrading its ultra-modern research and development and production facility by modernizing plans from time to time.


Mr. Mahavir Bansal

Mr. Mahavir Bansal is the CEO of Guardian Cables and Conductors Pvt Ltd. He works with the responsibility for leading the overall direction of the organization. He holds a bachelor of commerce with distinction, from the University of Delhi. His professional career has mostly been in social and public service. He have spent more than 20 years in observing the market trends, patterns of electrical cables and wires line by exploring the problems and causes for satisfaction of the customer. He has been actively working for the society and serves individuals with developmental disabilities. He himself associate with the many social centres, NGO’s and works as trustee of many centres. Along the way, he is absolutely convinced for properly following the business ethics and also government policies seriously. He is persistently adopting world’s most advanced manufacturing process and procedures to offer our national and international customers global standard Cables. He takes the great pride to say that he has a team of highly qualified and well experienced professionals, who understands and cares the requirements of the customers and the industry. He believes the group’s values of Customer Sovereignty and People Orientation and works with Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Transparency and Integrity and Passion for Superior Performance, Anticipation, Speed and Flexibility propel it to perform and excel in all spheres of the business. He can be reached at