Hall No. : Hall 8     Stall No. : H8B8

We ,Gemini Power Hydraulics Pvt Ltd, as a leading, reputed Supplier of Industrial and Construction Tools/Machineries in the industry since 1988, We are authorized distributors of MNC products for

Ø Hydraulic Jacks
Ø Bolting Tools like Torque Wrench, Tensioner, Nut Splitter, etc
Ø Hand Pump
Ø Electric Pump (Power Pack)
Ø Pneumatic Pump
Ø High Pressure Accessories(Hose, Couplers)
Ø Pneumatic Torque Wrenches
Ø Electric Torque Wrenches
Ø Cable Working Tools
Ø Crimping and Cutting Tools
Ø Industrial Rollers(05 – 400 tons)
Ø Scissor Lifts
Ø Vertical Masts
Ø Articulated Booms
Ø Telescopic Booms