ETAP Automation Pvt Ltd

Hall No. : Hall 3A     Stall No. : H3aC14.

ETAP is a full spectrum analytical engineering firm specializing in the planning, design, analysis, operation, training, and computer simulation of power systems. ETAP is the most comprehensive power system enterprise solution. With more than 100,000 licenses in over 100 countries, ETAP serves the power system needs from generation to utilization. ETAP employs a research and development team supported by a staff of engineers and scientists who have a combined knowledge of over 500 years experience. ETAP is privileged to have a permanent staff of power system engineers, many of whom have been internationally recognized as experts in their field. ETAP is committed to providing quality solutions for electrical power systems

Incorporated in 1986, ETAP released the first version of Electrical Transient Analyzer Program (ETAP) power system analysis and design software. Today, ETAP is recognized as the global market leader in providing solutions for power systems analysis, design, simulation, operation, control, optimization, and automation.


Dr Farrokh Shokooh