Entegra eyrich + appel GmbH

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The German-based company entegra developed the intelligent 3D software application primtech based on AutoCAD. It is the revolutionary solution for engineering, design, construction and documentation of high-voltage substations.

Substation engineers worldwide, including Siemens and ABB, rely on primtech 3d for its efficiency, bringing up to 15x faster results in some phases of the design process compared to conventional design practices.

primtech 3d is used worldwide by Operators, Utilities, EPC, Consultants and Engineering firms – involved in the substation design process – e.g. Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric, Fichtner, TenneT TSO, E.ON, Hyosung.

The company entegra offers the software primtech as well as primtech training and workshops.


Wolfgang Eyrich and Uwe Appel

Wolfgang Eyrich and Uwe Appel are the managing directors of the company entegra eyrich appel gmbh.

Wolfgang Eyrich is as well the head of the software development department. He founded Entegra in 1991 and since then has further built a profound expertise in the field of substation design while working together with a wide range of customers including utilities, manufacturers and engineering companies. Furthermore, he has registered several patents.
His main areas of research are substations, optimization of substation design processes and integrated calculations. He has published several technical papers.