Hall No. : Hall 3A     Stall No. : H3AA10

Ekosinerji is a manufacturer of MV switchgear products and components ranging from 10 KV upto 36 KV (Gas Insulated and Air Insulated Switchgears).

EKOSinerji is actively present within the borders of Turkey, North Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle-West Asia and Middle East – Gulf areas.

Combining our MV switchgear manufacturing identity with World famous GE Digital Energy technology and adding our HV/MV engineering-contracting expertise value, we provide strategic solutions for our customers.

Ekosinerji’s activities may be grouped in three:

Manufacturing, sales, marketing, of MV switchgears and Transformer Substations with our own engineering and without any license agreement

Acting as an EPC contractor; HV/MV/LV switching and substations, cabling, data transferring, and their installations, HV/MV secondary protections systems, erections, settings, site tests and energizing.

Project management of protection, control, monitoring, optimization and SCADA systems by the distributorship of GE Digital Energy.

Product Groups

* Mobile Substations
* High Voltage and Transformer Module
* High Voltage, Transformer and Low Voltage Module
* High Voltage Module
* Transformer Module
* Medium and Low Voltage Module
* Low Voltage Module
* MV Products
* Gas Insulated Switchgear (Primary)
* Gas Insulated Switchgear (Secondary)
* Gas Insulated Switchgear (Compact)
* Air Insulated Switchgear
* Metal Clad Switchgear
* Transformer Substation (Underground)
* Transformer Substation (Semi Underground)
* Transformer Substation (Ground)
* Ai1 Mobile Substation on Skid
* SAS-COM Special Application Transformer Substation
* Sectionaliser
* Secondary Panels
* Protection and Control Panels
* Auxiliary Services Panels
* Event Recorder Panels
* Telecom and Communication Products
* EKOLink 100 Universal Power Line Carrier
* EKOSync 1588 PTP Time Server
* General Electric Distribution Products
* SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
* Meters, Relays
* Transformer Monitoring Systems
* 745 Transformer Protection System
* D90 Distance Protection System
* G60 Generator Protection System
* MIFII Over Current Protection System
* F650 Feeder Protection System