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BRE Global Ltd is an independent third party organisation offering certification of fire (for example fire resisting/retardant cables), security and sustainability products and services to an international market. LPCB is the certification brand used for fire and security products and services. We have been working with industry, specifiers and UK government since 1868 (150 years) to set the standards needed to ensure that fire and security products and services perform effectively.

The LPCB mark is recognised worldwide by Authorities Having Jurisdiction. That recognition is testimony to the extremely thorough technical evaluation work and rigorous quality audit processes undertaken to ensure that the fire and security products LPCB certifies deliver proven levels of performance.

Performance claims for fire and security products and services that are not backed up by third-party certification can be misleading. Third-party certification is independent confirmation that products and services have met – and will continue to meet – appropriate standards.

LPCB certification offers wide ranging benefits, both to those specifying fire and security products and services, and to those manufacturing and supplying them.

We have representative offices in India, China and Dubai (serving the Middle East region).

Specifying LPCB certified products and services:

• Reduces risk
Specifying from the Red Book demonstrates due-diligence.

• Avoids costly mistakes
LPCB certified products and services can be trusted to perform as specified.

• Saves time
Using the Red Book cuts time spent on searching for and assessing products and services.

LPCB certification helps manufacturers to:

• Increase global sales
LPCB certification is recognised and specified worldwide.

• Increase the value of products and services
LPCB certified products and services are valued for their ability to perform as specified.

• Reduce liability
Gaining LPCB certification demonstrates due-diligence.

The LPCB ‘RedBookLive’ is a key reference for specifiers, regulators, designers and end users of fire and security products and services. Every product and service listed on ‘RedBookLive’ has been robustly checked by independent experts to ensure that it delivers and will continue to deliver the performance expected.

LPCB listed products can be accessed, free of charge, at

LPCB certification covers the following areas:

• Fire detection and alarm products and systems
• Manual fire extinguishing equipment
• Automatic sprinkler, water spray and deluge products and systems
• Fixed fire-fighting products and systems (gaseous and water mist)
• Passive fire protection products
• Cables
• Fire doors and shutters
• Smoke and fire ventilation systems
• Cladding systems
• Physical security product and system evaluation
• Security Assessment of Buildings and Infrastructure SABRE
• Ballistic protection
• Intruder and hold up alarm components and systems
• Alarm transmission systems
• CPNI Video Analytics Assessment Programme (formerly i-LIDS)
• Related installers
• Management systems

BRE Global Ltd is also a Notified Certification Body and Notified Test Laboratory for:-

• Construction Products Regulation
• Pressure Equipment Directive
• Marine Equipment Directive
• Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive

BRE Global additionally carries out:

 Fire Investigation
 Fire Risk Assessment
 Fire Safety Engineering
 Research
 Training

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Mr Kamil Hamid (India Country Manager for BRE Global Ltd. (LPCB):