Ashlok Safe Earthing Electrode Ltd.

Hall No. : Hall 1     Stall No. : H1Q12

Since 1970’s Ashlok Safe Earthing Electrode Limited entered the electrical industry in the early part of the 1970’s much before the technological revolution took place. In the 25 years, after dealing with electrical products of all types and sizes and realized the entire industry’s success and failure fell in the hands of an earthing system. The Company understood that the conventional system of earthing was reliable, inefficient, cumbersome and prone to problems which resulted in fire hazards, equipment failures and loss of life due to high voltage shocks/short circuit etc and believed that there was a better solution and one that did not involve the aged and ineffective system of earthing. Challenging convention, in 1999 the company came with “maintenance free earthing technology” which revolutionized the earthing practices being followed in India and now, it has become a norm to provide earthing, or grounding through maintenance free earthing system only. At ASHLOK, we took up the challenge to design our own production processes for the different metallic coating, internal cavity compound fillings and packaging. Today, we have our own production systems in place to constantly meet ‘A’ grade quality norms. Safe Earthing Electrodes Physical Vapor Deposition Electrodes Hot Dip Galvanized Electrodes Zinc Coated Electrodes Alloy Coated Electrodes Copper Plated Electrodes Copper Bonded Rods Self Breathing and Leaching Type Electrodes Back Fill Compounds Conductolite Electrodite Humedite Terra lon(Soil lon Enhancer) Safe Lightning Protection System Lightning Protection Rod Franklyn Lightning Rod Air Terminal Lightning impulse counter ElectroMecahnical Earthing Test Link Equipotential Busbar