Stay connected with the biggest phenomenon in the world of Electricity!

ELECRAMA is a platform to connect the world with the Indian industry in respect of technology, new trends and innovation for the future energy transition. It is also a stage where all global leaders can meet and share their ideas to develop cost-effective solutions for the world.

The demand for electrical equipment in India is expected to witness a significant expansion on the back of the growth of the power sector. The Indian electrical equipment industry must, therefore, increase its preparedness and enhance its competitiveness to meet the current and future demands of our power sector and also other sectors of the economy.

The country has recorded rapid economic growth in recent years and is fast transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable sources to generate electricity. ELECRAMA over the years emerged as a platform for knowledge-sharing with a strong focus on electric vehicles, Internet of Things (IoT), storage solutions and renewable energy.

ELECRAMA 2020 will serve as a catalyst to boost the Indian growth story for the Indian industry, MSME and start-ups to understand and experience global trends and adopting new technologies.

The electrical industry will showcase solutions on artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and a combination of innovation in the manufacturing of electrical gadgets, equipment, machinery and energy efficiency programs at ELECRAMA 2020.

Anil Saboo
Chairman, ELECRAMA 2020
"Local innovation and R&D is gaining increasing importance for IEEMA members to maintain their relevance & competitiveness in Domestic and International Market. Digital enablement of the products they manufacture is going to play an important role towards upgrading their profile. Products need to communicate with each other & with higher level IT systems for effective networking & monitoring.

R.K. Chugh, President - IEEMA
"We have to believe and become an economy of exporters. Industry has to be driven by export competitiveness. Industry needs to be driven by innovation which will enable delivery of excellent quality products and services at internationally competitive cost to customers. IEEMA along with the Govt needs to work towards framing policies which will make our goods and services internationally competitive.

Vipul Ray, Sr. Vice President – IEEMA
"Electricity is the most efficient form of energy at the point of consumption. And as we move into the Digital Age, Electricity is the platform that "powers" almost everything we do - from industrial equipment to household appliances, from communication devices to entertainment systems. Our members at IEEMA are committed to help bring reliable and effective Electricity to you, and in enabling the transition from the Industrial Age to the Digital Age. We are working to innovate and improve, to not just Power India but to Power the World!

Rohit Pathak, Vice President - IEEMA
"India has achieved a major milestone by electrifying all villages across the country. IEEMA and its members have been part of this journey. In order to fulfill the dream of providing quality & affordable power to all, IEEMA stands committed to farmers, artisans, students, households, trade & industry and infrastructure of the country.

Sunil Misra, Director General - IEEMA
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