Terms and conditions – ELECRAMA-2018
  • Tariff is exclusive of service tax and other government taxes & levies. Any government tax, levy, if applicable will be collected with each installment.
  • Invoicing will be done for the stall selected by the exhibitor based upon the layout. After confirmation of stall allocation, exhibitor will receive subsequent invoices. Invoices for other services will be issued separately as per requirement of the exhibitor.
  • Since availability of 2/3/4 sides open stalls/ spaces are limited, the organiser does not guarantee the allotment of such stall/space.
  • All invoices will be system generated in the name of the exhibitor as filled in the Application form.
  • Exhibitors who have booked stall of area 100 sqm and above may be permitted to create open mezzanine floor (not exceeding 40% of the area booked) at an additional charge of 20% of the stall charges, subject to the prior approval by the organisers and in accordance with the ELECRAMA-2018 Rules and Regulations.
  • For payment made after the due dates, an extra charges/penalty of Rs. 30/- per sqm. per month (in case of bare space) and Rs. 50/- per sqm. per month (in case of shell scheme) will be applicable.
  • Refund of Security deposit will be done after 3 months of the closure of the Exhibition.

We also accept all Rules and Regulations available on www.elecrama.com which we have read and understood and also accept those which will be established from time to time, which forms part of this contract.

We acknowledge that stall charges once paid are not refundable/ adjustable by ELECRAMA-2018 in the event of our non-participation/cancellation.

We confirm that all payments due to ELECRAMA-2018 will be paid before the due dates, failing which we agree to pay the extra charges/penalty at the prescribed rate.